Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Park Bio-incubator is a specialistincubator specially established by the Shenzhen municipal government to supportinnovative enterprises in bioengineering, genetic engineering, pharmaceuticaland related industries. The incubator provides two phases of incubation withphase one focusing on scientific research and development and producttechnology innovations, and phase two focusing on amplifying the outcomes ofphase one intothe level of pilot plant test,completing clinical trial of products, product application and obtainment ofrelevant qualification certificates etc. The Shenzhen High-Tech Bio-incubatoris an important source of projects, outcomes and talents supporting innovationsin Shenzhen’s biotechnology and pharmaceuticals industry.


Thebio-incubator is comprised of office building and general experiment building. Theoffice building (building1) has a floor area of around 3,400 square meters and threefloors of heights of 4.5, 3.9 and 3.9 meters, equipped with a passengerelevator. The general experiment building (building 2) has 3 to 6 floors in a floorarea of around 17,000 square meters and floor height of 5.1 meters. Thestandard unit floor areas are 210, 320 and 630 square meters. Clients can optto use one or a combination of multiple units. Building 2 has two passengerelevators and one cargo elevator.


The Shenzhen Hi-tech Industrial Park Bio-incubator has a total floor area of 20,000square meters. The bio incubator is equipped with generalfunctions and conditions for office, scientific research and production such asventilation, air conditioning, fire control, water supply and drainage, doubleloop power supply, transformer substation, communications, informationservices and parking lot, as well as specialistbioengineering equipment and facilities including air compressor station,purified water station, boiler room, fuel gas and waste water treatment system, room forcommon instrumentsand cold store etc.